The Journey Around Your Heart THE EBOOK


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Tags: lifestyle
Language: hungarian
Year of release: 2020
Publisher: A.I.A. CONSULTING
Cover type: hardcover
Cover: 232 pages
ISBN: 978-973-8995-82-6
From the magnificent mountains of Transylvania comes the solution!
This book by Annamary Ágoston speaks straight to the heart. To the heart that always points us in the right direction, only our fears make us ignore them.
To finally align our minds with our true desires and achieve the abundance we covet, we need to free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and bad habits and go back to our hearts. Often this is the hardest thing: to look within and go to the heart. Harder than anything,
because facing ourselves and acknowledging our fears is painful.
Tangible, practical tools
"Yes, we already know this, but how do we do it?" - readers may rightly ask. Annamary has developed and experimented in her own life with a way to make the spiritual rebirth needed to make practical changes happen easily, elegantly and painlessly. In this book the author finally offers THE SOLUTION on a platter.
Hands-on, easy for anyone to learn, with practical methods!
He has conquered the world
Here is a woman who was able to build her own successful business from a small town of 8,000 people over the hill from that hellish oppression under the Romanian dictatorship, and then go on to conquer the world and become one of the country's top leaders as a representative of an American company. He was also able to start over and rise from humiliating situations in his personal life. Who has also been able to confront inexplicable spiritual forces and magic. Who could not be discouraged by the envious, but inspired to even greater achievements. Who else should we listen to but the lady who did everything - and I mean everything! - and everything she has achieved in the last 15 years? There is no desire she hasn't achieved with the help of the Law of Attraction.
She has tested the method on thousands of people
Annamary has been besieged by publishers for years, after news of her phenomenal success broke. But she refused to write down the secret until she was sure she could really help others. He embarked on a grand experiment in Transylvania, among people who had started life at a particularly disadvantageous disadvantage. It is even more difficult to instil positive thinking in them. Now that
now that she has gone through thousands of face-to-face meetings and has seen for herself that there has been a definite improvement in the quality of life of her clients over the past few years and that she has succeeded in creating abundance in many areas, she has now taken up the task of writing the book.
As his publisher, we sincerely believe that this book will have an extraordinary impact on readers and will change the lives of large numbers of people in a positive direction.
Thoughts that reach into our souls and reach our hearts
Annamary teaches by telling. She reveals the milestones of her life with unvarnished honesty. Memories both good and bad, all of which have influenced her. She invites you on a motivational and self-improvement journey through her life story. But this volume is much more than a practical handbook. A collection of testimonies, testimonies, secrets. Gentle and tough words. Words that work twice as well.
The thoughts of an entrepreneur, mother, wife, child. Of a man who lives by his own laws. The words of a high profile businesswoman who has built all her success on her own strength, on her belief in herself. And these successes are all tangible. For a long time Annamary approached the journey around her heart like a shy lover to her sweetheart.
But the more she trusted the journey that led to her true desires, the greater her successes and testimonies. He, who for a long time dared not dream of a bigger journey there from Barot beyond the mountains, now boards a plane to any continent in the world like someone else would a local bus. Please welcome with love and openness his thoughts and guidance, which creep into our souls and reach our hearts!
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